Installing Apache Tomcat 7

16 Oct

In this article, it is assumed that Oracle’s Java JDK 7 has been installed in your system. If not, you can follow the instruction on how to install Oracle’s Java JDK 7 here. Note also that we use Linux distribution Fedora 17 64 bit for this tutorial.

1. Get the current release of Apache Tomcat 7 here.

2. Scroll down until the section 7.0.30 or any recent update from Tomcat. In this section click the option tar.gz.

3. Download and save it into the home folder.

4. Open Terminal and make sure that we are in the home folder then un tar the file using the command tar -zxvf apache-tomcat-7.0.30.tar.gz.

5. Rename the resultant folder from apache-tomcat-7.0.30 to tomcat.

6. In the Terminal, still in the home folder, go into the folder tomcat then bin using this command cd tomcat/bin.

7. To start the tomcat server, execute the command ./

8. To check if tomcat has successfully started, open a web browser and type the URL address http://localhost:8080(external link) . If all is well you will see the following image.

9. To shutdown the Apache Tomcat server, go back to the Terminal. Still in the same folder …tomcat/bin, type in ./ .

This tutorial shows how to set up Apache Tomcat 7 manually. In the next tutorial I will show you how to setup Apache Tomcat 7 using Eclipse.


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