Installing Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and configuring Tomcat 7 in Eclipse

17 Oct

This is a continuation from my previous posts. In case you are looking on how to install Oracle’s Java JDK 7, it is at this link and the tutorial on how to install Apache Tomcat 7 is here.

In this post I am going to show you on how to set up Apache Tomcat 7 on Eclipse.

1. Go to Eclipse’s Download page here.

2. On the top is Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers option and choose that with Linux 64 bit.

3. Download and save it into home folder.

4. Open Terminal and unpack the downloaded file using command tar -zxvf eclipse-jee-juno-SR1-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz.

5. Inside the folder there is an executable to run eclipse. For easier usage, put that onto the desktop by linking it (don’t just copy and paste or move it) as shown below.

6. Open Eclipse.

7. After selecting the workspace go to Workbench. To add tomcat into the environment, right click on the Project Explorer and choose Other…

8. Next, choose folder Server. Inside it choose Server then Next.

9. In folder Apache, choose Tomcat v7.0 Server then click Next.

10. For Tomcat installation directory, point it to where the tomcat folder is. From the Installing Apache Tomcat 7 guide at it is at /home/user/tomcat. Then click Finish.

11. When everything is loaded in Eclipse, display the Servers window at the bottom.

12. Double click the Tomcat v7.0 server inside that servers window and a preference window for Tomcat will pop up at the centre of Eclipse.

13. Scroll down to Server location and choose the radio button “Use Tomcat installation (take control of Tomcat installation)”. Then save.

14. Start the server by clicking the Run button on the top right of the server window.

15. Open a web browser, and type a URL address http://localhost:8080. If all is well you will see the following image.

16. To stop the server click the stop button at the server window.

With that, this completes the guide on how to set up Apache Tomcat 7 on Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers.


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